Voice so low
But not as quiet as mine, unspeakable
Nothing imaginable, stretched 
Interminable, but not in a way where you would say that I’m being persistent
You say we are not forever. What if I tried to hold on longer? 

I kissed a boy while the sun was rising. It should've been romantic, instead predictably messy. I think I used too much tongue. I'm not the best at letting myself go.

Well I finally got the Prada bag I wanted four years ago. It’s soft, but doesn’t keep its shape - not hard at all to keep it from sagging. Maybe I’m not satisfied.

I want to talk longer but you have to work in the morning. I’m drunk and in this moment I️ feel tender. Though, like a piece of meat - beaten and worn out like a cheap chicken cutlet from the bodega where I buy Essentia.